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November 29, 2013

Queen's web

Remember the days when theatre audiences used to fill seats carrying a bag of vegetables.

Some old thesps still relish the days when nimble reactions would save a face full of rotting cabbage long past its sell by date while giving a yawning soliloquy.

‘By gum’ as one old lad told me once, ‘you certainly earned your money in those days, but it did have the advantage of getting you home a bit early’.

Not that has ever happened at the Queen’s Theatre, in Hornchurch, but the odd rumble and grumble could have been noted in the bar after a show.

However, being the type of organisation it is, our theatre and the inhabitants within are always interested in getting real time reactions, and to that end, the theatre’s Annual Review throws open the doors in a couple of weeks.

Everyone is invited to share thoughts and give their views as the directors, actors and funding trust lay out their past, present and future plans.

It is your chance to comment on how the place is run as well as give fresh ideas for consideration.

Having been involved with the Queen’s both in front and behind  the curtain,  the environment of learning and discussion is very strong, so your thoughts are always welcome.

Queen’s Theatre Administrative Director Thom Stanbury said: “We are delighted to welcome anyone interested in finding out more about the Queen’s Theatre. The Annual Review is an important way of communicating with our audiences – we chat about what we do and it’s a fantastic opportunity for us to hear their thoughts and answer any questions.  We hope as many people can come along as possible.”

The mince pies and mulled wine will be rolled out as will be a performance from the Dame of this year’s Christmas pantomime Dick Whittington and members of the Queen’s Youth Theatre company Cut 2.

Run as a charity by the Havering Theatre Trust, the Board of Trustees oversee all the Theatre activities, ranging from the family pantomime to café-bar refreshments, and they will be giving a report of activity and finances.

It all happens on Tuesday December 10 at 7.30pm and though entry is free,  places should be booked in advance by calling the Box Office on 01708 443333.

Just in case you take a bag of shopping with you, the company would now prefer you to throw money instead of Brussel sprouts.

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