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February 10, 2014

sue 3IF YOU go down to the woods today etc.

You know the rest but a Rainham based drama group is adding an important educational slant in a show for youngsters during the half term break.

Sue Osprey and her Lightnin Drama group are putting on a special version of Goldilocks  at the Rainham Methodist Church Hall on Wednesday February 19.

Designed to get the audience taking part, singing and dancing as well as learning, Goldilocks, Brownilocks and the Three Bears promises to be quite a show.

Sue says the approach is aimed at road safety, stranger danger, what to do and who to approach.

Known for some huge productions of the past years, Sue and her team are dedicated to using theatre as a learning tool for the younger element by making it fun as well as carry important messages.

In this play Goldilocks is naughty and gives her step mother a tough time, who in turn calls in Nanny Repus or Super Nanny.

To help her she has a pet dinosaur called Dino and joined by  Brownilocks and Jack and Jill to play hide and seek.

After a trip to the zoo, the light dawns on Goldilocks that she has no friends, and travels though a show full of situations which Sue describes as: ‘exhausting and action packed’.

The two shows at 11am and 2pm cost Adults £4 and children £3 at the Hall in Wennington Road, Rainham.

Going on past productions, it will be a noisy and fun day.

Tickets are available on the door.

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