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February 19, 2014

BOUNCERS wIT TAKES  real writing talent to make a hit play about doormen, but that is what Hull Truck’s John Godber does.

The unlikely heroes of the Disco door, usually built like well established ‘out houses’ and intimidating Grannies passing on the way to Sainsbury’s, is now firmly lodged in British theatre, and coming to Romford.

Bouncers, Godber’s award winning depiction of four doormen with their own ragged philosophy, will be at the Brookside Theatre from Wednesday March 5 to Saturday March 8 with a matinee at 2pm. ( above, Jai Sepple, Paul Ewan, Barry Hester and Kevin Richards)

Hull  Truck productin in 1985 wQuickly becoming an addictive piece of theatre, Bouncers first saw the light of day at the 1977 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, when Godber, then only 21, performed it as a two hander with Peter Geeves. (left, 1985 production in Hull)

However the addiction took a little while as the premier was in front of an audience of two, a critic from The Scotsman newspaper who left after five minutes, and Scottish drunk who turned out to be the star of the show with an impromptu performance of aggressive gymnastics trying to cross the stage to the exit.

Interestingly the tickets were 50p each.

bouncersGodber’s inspiration for the play was a well known bar Kiko’s in Pontefract, the only Polynesian Nightspot in Yorkshire liberally decorated with fake palm trees round the dance floor.

Ralph, Les, Lucky Eric and Judd form the rock on the door as the shots are slamming and cocktails flowing.

Along with Lucky Eric’s philosophical ethereal moments in the spotlight, putting the world to rights, the four lads spin in a variety of roles, from dancing girls with handbags on the floor, to youths out on a night’s binge of 15 pints of lager and chasers.

Godber’s observational talents add to the reality of a night in a seedy nightclub with girls and boys on the prowl and loaded with alcohol.

Featuring Paul Ewan, Barry Hester, Kevin Richards & Jai Sepple,, tickets are £13 with concessions and available in person from the Brookside Theatre Box office, by telephone on 01708 755775 or online at

The theatre is in Eastern Road, Romford..

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