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February 24, 2014

Guildonians and then there were none 2MURDER MYSTERY IN TWO COLOURS

BE PREPARED for a different way of looking at Agatha Christie when you see a production of her number one selling murder mystery in Harold Wood.

AND THEN THERE WERE NONE, was published in 1939, and is being given a mono change by The Guildonian Players in early March.

The story is such a classic and could almost be linked into the saying ‘The Butler did it’ but that would ignore the subtle build up of tension created by the mistress of mysteries.

Now reaching 100 million copies sold and seven films starring the elite of the acting profession, everyone knows who did it, but the fun of Christie is being taken through the labyrinth of how they did it.

Putting their own slant of the tale, the players are approaching the story in a different way by seeing the action through the perpetrator’s eyes.

The group reason that murderers see their crimes in black and white, so the sets are all two colours. Interesting! Even the Chaise Longue is black.

Guildonian Players are a long established group in Havering and renown for the thought and effort they put into productions.

Gulidonians And then there were noneThey fulfilled their aim of entertaining audiences in 2013 with a number of productions including ‘Once In A Lifetime’ set round the early Hollywood talkies; Ray Clooneys ‘Caught In The Net’  and ‘Entertaining Angels’ in the Havering Festival.

And Then There Were None runs for five performances at the Little Theatre, Methodist Church, The Drive, Harold Wood, RM2 0DU from Wednesday March 5 to Saturday March 8 starting at 8pm each evening and the Saturday Matinee at 2.30pm.

Tickets are £7 and available from the box office on 01708 782118 or on the door.

Pictures show Tim Tilbury, Louis Sargent, Louise Macmorrin and Enid Law. Top pic: Ed Shearer and Carole Brand.

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