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April 13, 2014


It took Sarah (Scowen) Baxter, just 6 hours and 41 seconds to run 26.3 miles of the London Marathon in memory of her father John Scowen.

Professional actress and member of the Queen’s Theatre’s Cut to the Chase Company, Sarah, ran the Marathon today (Sunday April 13) to raise money for Motor Neurone Disease just days after her father John, lost his battle against this terrible illness.

Sarah’s was not just a challenge, but a statement to mark the life of a remarkable man.

Marathon Buckingham PalaceWhen most are inconsolable, Sarah turned her grief into action and ran every one of the 26.3 miles, in his memory, raising more then £7,700 for the charity dedicated to finding a cure for Motor Neurone Disease.

Wearing the number 43531 she finished with perhaps the biggest smile for her dad ever recorded.

Motor Neurone Disease took the British actor, David Niven some years ago. It is unforgiving, shutting every function of the body down. John stoically fought until the last though sadly, there is still no known cure.

John ScowenJohn was a man worth remembering for all he gave to theatre so freely. His daughter needs no convincing that this is a way to discover a cure. All it takes is a control click on: to donate and give a very brave daughter and actress something to mark her achievement and in the way John would have wanted it, to help others in the future.Motor Neurone

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