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April 17, 2014

Georgina Field Sam Kordbacheh Ellie Rose Boswell wTHERE were a few open mouths at the Queen’s Theatre this week after a new director did it ‘his way’.
Simon Jessop, long time actor with the professional Cut to the Chase Company, donned his ‘new director’ scarf and grabbed Peter Joucia’s adaption of F Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby.(above. Georgina Field, Sam Kordbacheh, EllieRose Boswell. pic Mark Sepple)
In the street vernacular, the ‘Boy done good John’, and made his mark on the Billet Lane building with panache and a lot of style.
You can’t call him a new kid on the block either, because he is part of the Queen’s furniture, but this display of a little known talent was remarkable.
If it was daunting in concept, he overcame any doubts by slapping a brilliant piece of theatre on the stage with a ‘get hold of that’ tag blowing in on a new tsunami of words.
It was a different approach to keeping the audience attention, and like all good theatre, made you work hard to keep up as this was a classic piece of blink and you miss something.
And he chose the A team as well.
An outstanding performance from Georgina Field reminding us of her credentials as a superbly mature actress/musician of quality.
Sam Kordbacheh and Sean Needham wSean Needham fast on the heels of his success in ‘Two and Two Make Sex’ with a totally opposite character who had us cowering in our seats in row G. (right: Sam Kordbacheh and Sean Needham. Pic Nobby Clark)
And the quality of the acting from the cast of; Ellie Rose Boswell, Alison Thea-Skot, Callum Hughes, Sam Kordbacheh, Sam Pay and the magnificent Stuart Organ, added such a shine to the whole production.
Rodney Ford’s set was brilliant. Simple but so effective then add Steve Marwick’s musical direction and original music, this is a show that has everything and an excitingly different approach to a prime vehicle for actor musicians.
The Great Gatsby has always been one of those books that remains on the top shelf with the formidable label of ownership glowing but never read.
So viewing with an open mind, this was a really good production. It was bright, glitzy and sent all the messages of out of control opulence tangled up with sleaze ridden money, non existent morals and the inevitable outcome of death and despair.
Sam Kordbacheh and Ellie Rose Boswell wIt told the story well and was accomplished by eight actors who gave their all. Ellie Rose Boswell ( pic right. Ellie Rose Boswell and Sam Kordbacheh. pic Nobby Clark) was spot on as Daisy, the dizzy curly blond and target of Gatsby’s lust, Alison Thea-Skot bubbling over like the opened champagne, Sam Pay’s George, and Stuart Organ enriching the mood and quality with a performance that added so much.
With so many good things going on, you would be forgiven for allowing the quality acting of Callum Hughes as Nick and the brilliant Sam Kordbacheh as Gatsby to be added to the mix, but along with Georgina, their contributions brought the essence of the play to the fore. Whatever your conceptions of the name Gatsby, Simon Jessop added that twist of lemon in a Martini from the trio, that made all the difference.
I had no preconceptions, but some allowed the recent film of the same name to colour their expectations. It showed the gap between a big bucks movie to a crafted piece of theatre.
The Great Gatsby has all the potential of being the season’s free wheeler and runs until Saturday May 3 with tickets available from the box office on 01708 443333, but don’t leave it too late, there’s no brakes on this one.

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