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November 30, 2014

DANNY%20insideI do a regular column in Essex Life and just sent one for January that opens with a reference to my Wish List for 2014.

I will let you buy the magazine to see it if you wish, but it mentions the response to a traumatic year.

On the bright side and in the current issue, is a very pleasant event worth recording.

Theatre plays an important part in our life, though it is not always apparent.

Take for instance the bijou Brentwood Theatre: A sponsored private enterprise that the Ford Motor Company backed in its creation in 1993.

Now a charity and supported by Brentwood Council, It was a combination of wild enthusiasm and a massive leap of faith.

Community Theatre is a title that fits boldly, and forward thinking with a very generous mind from the theatre management team led by Mark Reed and David Zelly, tripped a particularly fond memory of my family’s introduction to the magic of theatre.

My interest came at a very early age when a posh great aunt gave her annual gift to the Brentwood side of her family.

With her husband Jack, Aunty Queenie ran an inter-continental high class coach touring company in London and the outing to the London Palladium was her present.

It was a definite treat  and being just after the war, for one night only, austerity and dripping sandwiches were forgotten as our parents made sure that we children were scrubbed up and sporting our best clothes.

The memory of total awe is still with me, so a message from Mark and the Brentwood Theatre team brought them all back.

The theatre prefers Children’s Christmas Plays to the traditional festive fare, and for some years has been Influenced by David Wood’s magical plays; this year’s show is Roald Dahl’s Danny the Champion of the World, with David’s stage adaption.

So an appeal to buy tickets for those very young Brentwood children whose parents had a greater priority for their money, hit the spot.

It is a lovely idea, rather than saying ‘sorry that’s the price’ Mark came up with this scheme to allow them to see the show at reduced rates and helped by the local community with a funding scheme.

As it turns out, one of the schools involved is my first introduction to education, then it was the Pilgrims Hatch Primary, but now named Larchwood Gardens Primary School.

It is a great idea and well done Brentwood Theatre team, you really have earned your ‘Jewel in the Crown’ title.

Danny the Champion of the World runs from December 8 to January 3, 2015 with tickets available on 01277 200305, and be prepared for some vocal and enthusiastic audiences



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