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December 18, 2014

I know Christmas is not over yet, but would like let you into a little secret!

Zoe Clements

Zoe Clements

Barry Kirk

Barry Kirk

The firm of Clements and Kirk, well known for dragging patrons to our art exhibitions, will be giving visitors the chance to see our work, a Double Whammy treat for 2015.

I could say you lucky people, but this has come about due to all the nice and kind comments on the efforts with brush and camera over the past year.

Zoe and I  are embarking on another event in February and March, but this time showing our individual work in two, month long, shows at the Queen’s Theatre, Billet Lane, Hornchurch.

Favouring our popular haunt of the Bar Exhibition Area, Zoe will take the whole space with her spectacular acrylic paintings from Monday January 26 to Saturday February 22nd.

Drawing by Zoe

Drawing by Zoe

Then before you have time to recover, I will fill the space with photographs and the first public showing of my paintings.

Though I have been splashing oils around for some years, this is the first time any have escaped into the big world, so looking forward to some reactions.

My show will be from Monday  February 25 to Saturday March 21st, straight after Zoe’s.

All items will be for sale as individual pieces and limited edition photographs, but this year we will be offering a selection of low price photographic prints of the works in the form of mini posters for £5, £10 and £20.

Autumn Humour escaped splashing by Barry Kirk

Autumn Humour escaped splashing by Barry Kirk

Full details will be available at the exhibition, as well as my website

Entry is free and open in theatre hours from Monday to Saturday until 8pm


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