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January 20, 2015
A graphic image of the tomorrow we do not want

A graphic image of the tomorrow we do not want

One of he great losses at the last local elections was the ousting of Andrew Curtin from the Tory party and his seat on the Council.

With a special interest in the arts, Andrew was a great champion on the council and promoted many good schemes covering the whole idea of arts and the environment.

Never one to hold a grudge, he is a politician after all, the idea of a Civic Society dedicated to Romford and surrounding districts is his way of trying to maintain the balance when power politics runs unfettered.

Andrew Curtin

Andrew Curtin

With an inaugural meeting planned at the Golden Lion in Romford’s Market Place, on Tuesday, February 3 at 7.30pm, he and a group of interested parties will hopefully launch Romford Civic Society as a means of redressing the balance, and if anything is needed in Romford at the moment, it certainly is this.

You might wonder why, but put simply, we have a Conservative coalition Government forcing through numerous cuts in services and general shredding of  facilities, all hoping no one will notice as the blame is shifted to the very people having to operate with less.

It is a normal tactic and seeing as the general election is in May, there are a lot of nervous politicians wondering if they are going to be returned to that exclusive club in Westminster.

However, that is another matter when we are talking local.

We are fortunate in Romford because we had a sound base of local government. The trouble is Andrew and his fallen colleagues from the last local election, were in some respects the voice of reason in the chamber.

They were a damper on the more politically minded colleagues whose personal ambition outweighed their sense of responsibility, so we do need another voice in the corridors.

In the beginning, it may be like the proverbial finger in the leaking dyke, but unless residents are to be submerged in a tsunami of egos, then a showing of intent is needed now.

The idea of such a Society is one of moderation and a good parallel was once described as a large bucket of very cold water thrown over the excited and more rampant tempers that flare up in the Council Chamber. That may only cools things down and a good reasoned argument for facilities in particular the arts and more attention to our living environment will certainly not go amiss.

This is our way to have a say in things that directly affect us and could negate the need for arm-bands and pitchforks in a rising of Les Miserable’s proportions if we get to the ‘last one turning out the light’ stage.

It is the first meeting and a good showing of interested and caring residents will send a message as good as the full bucket.

See you there.




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