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January 30, 2015


Andrew Curtin

Andrew Curtin

FOR THOSE who have followed former Councillor, Andrew Curtin, his latest battle has ended in a sweeping win as large as the politicians well known grin.

Andrew formed Romford Civic Society and launches the group this coming Tuesday (February 2, 2015) at the Golden Lion in Romford’s Market Place at 7.30pm.
He went into battle last week against a planning application that will not lay down. The third attempt to demolish part of the town’s historic buildings in North Street was on the cards again, but Andrew and other concerned individuals spoke up for our heritage and won. Below is his report.
Just to let you know that Lois Amos and I attended the planning committee this evening to support the proper use of planning policies with regard to the application in the conservation area in North Street, and I spoke against the proposal (and in favour of Council officers’ report that the application should be refused, because it was contrary to planning policies).
It was well worth going and flying the flag for the policies which we have in this borough, as councillors refused the scheme 7 votes to 4.  As I recall it, the 2 Hornchurch Residents Association councillors voted to refuse, as did both of the Upminster Residents Association councillors, the UKIP, Rainham Residents Association and councillor Wallace, who is one of the 5 Conservative cllrs on the Committee.  The other 4 Conservatives voted to break planning policy and approve the scheme.  Council officers were very thorough in pointing out to them that the proposal was contrary to planning policy, and that councillors legal duty is to take planning decisions in accord with policy.
So that’s a great result.
We did do a bit of learning about how aware (or not) councillors are of the contents of Romford Conservation Area Appraisal, which is a very important part of the planning framework for the conservation area, and hopefully we will be able to rectify this as the Civic Society moves on.
Anyhow, it’s a really good result prior to our meeting on Tuesday!  I just thought I’d let you know.
It shows that we do need a Civic Society so come along and support the idea.

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