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February 5, 2015
Street lighting but not as we want it - Jim!

Street lighting but not as we want it – Jim

You can always rely on Havering Council’s best intentions being less than well thought out and having the opposite effect.

Take my little road, a quite cul-de-sac of less than 20 houses and about 150 yards long  just off Romford’s North Street.

Our docile street lighting has always served its purpose and been at an acceptable level to satisfy the need to see where you are going, not too intrusive and sufficiently bright.

Then some bright genius came up with the idea of giving us brighter street lights, but not just brighter, more like the sort that could illuminate stretches of the M25 and bring the odd Jumbo Jet down at Heathrow.  They were fitted this week.

The only benefit to residents is it saves on the energy bills as there is no need to turn on lights at night. We now live on the wrong side of perpetual twilight and share the benefits of 24/7 days along with the Eskimos.

If I wanted to join that noble race, then I would up sticks and have moved to the Northern Circumpolar region, the land of the Inuit and Yupik peoples.

Accompanying this blog, I will be writing a ‘Dear Sir’ letter to the faces at the Town Hall, and will report fully on the anticipated results.

I hasten to add that as a photographer, I do use Photoshop, but in this case there is no need as I now have an extremely well lit studio outside the entire frontage of my house.

Perhaps I can now use one of my favourite Dagenham sayings, usually shouted down the phone to me as editor on publication day of the Barking and Dagenham Post .

It links in beautifully with a people and my disgruntled reaction and I will give the non-translated version of ‘It ain’t rite innit’.


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One Comment
  1. Brian Mitchell permalink

    I absolutely agree I live in dagenham and today the council have put up these lights at the front side and back off my house
    The whole house is lit up like Wembley stadium
    I sat down tonight to relax and watch some TV
    And the one at the back of the house is facing my arm chair hits you straight in the eyes
    My daughters bed room is lit up like her bedroom light is on
    The one at the front was erected a week ago and has been the on 24/7 loads of electricity
    The council will be getting a call Monday morning if nothing is done I will tie a rope to the car and rip it out …….. Watch this space


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