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February 22, 2015

Pigments and Pixels Queen's Theate March 2015Well the deed is done and I have emerged from behind the camera and let a number of my efforts with oil paints escape into the public forum.

The confidence of a professional photographer dwindled big time as the first stretched canvas was screwed to the wall in Hornchurch this afternoon. (Sunday)

Appropriately the eight examples of many days concentration and the essence of white spirit infusing into every thread of clothing, are now desperately clinging to the exhibition boards in the Queen’s Theatre, Bar Exhibition area.

And they will stay there until March 28.

Canary Wharf as you have never seen it before

Canary Wharf as you have never seen it before

The joys of winter

The joy of winter!

I normally have a buffer in the shape a real painter, the talented Zoe Clements, at joint exhibitions, but a clash of dates meant that Zoe’s work has been on display this last month in the same place, so this batch of Pigments and Pixels are down to me.

Along side the paintings are 10 photographs which are on offer as limited edition prints.

The free exhibition is open to all during Queen’s Theatre hours, which are Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 8pm, but it’s worth a check if they are changing productions.

Should people wish to contact me, a list of addresses, Facebook, Twitter, and Email will be available by the exhibits.






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  1. zoe clements permalink

    Looking very good b, hope you are pleased. Zoe x

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