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May 30, 2015
Lady Felicia

Lady Felicia

I have not written an intro like this about a Queen’s Theatre production for some time, but no one sleeps when Mat Devitt and Julian Littman get together.

Hot Stuff by Maggie Norris and Paul Kerryson allowed the duo of  venerable Rock musicians to unleash their pedigree on an audience with a new Company containing exciting young players, and two superb actress/singers in Sarah Mahony and Hollie Cassar.

In a blistering extravaganza wrapped round 1970s pop from Punk to Glam, this high octane show does not stop or slow down for one second.

Matt and Julian brought in nine new and very enthusiastic, actor/musicians each adding extra value to the price of a ticket.

This is a fun show and something out of the ordinary. Vibrating sound and rich voices backed up with strong musicianship and some pretty stunning chorography and designs.

Regional theatre is about entertainment as well as thought provoking theatre, and if you were not looking for a complicated plot or need to get rid of the ear wax, this is the play for you. The temptation to leap to your feet at the final curtain is compulsive.

I understand the response to this season has been good, which is not surprising with the quality shows in the programme.

Jacob Richmond-Caines, Lady Felicia, Wade Lewin

Jacob Richmond-Caines, Lady Felicia, Wade Lewin

Chock full of humour and a serious treat for those of us devoted to the music of the 1970s onwards, Hot Stuff brings all the razzmatazz of the era back in one night.

Sarah Mahony, already renown for her superb singing voice, was joined by Hollie Cassar, another superb singer and one wonders at the result if these two ladies ever got together for a duet.

Matthew Quinn, who played Frank N Furter in the Queen’s Rocky Horror Show and again made the starring role of Joe his own with his remarkable voice.

Lady Felicia, Matthew Quinn, Sarah Mahony, Cameron Jones - photo by Mark Sepple

Lady Felicia, Matthew Quinn, Sarah Mahony, Cameron Jones – photo by Mark Sepple

As well as the established actors, the intake of new talent brought sparkle, with Gregory Clarke, Valentina Dolci, Gabriela Garcia, Cameron Jones, Adam Langstaff, Wade Lewin, Jacob Richmond-Caines and Al Twist adding an extra  blast through the portals that made for quite a spectacular night.

The comedy ingredient was from a new-ish actor called Lady Felicia.

With a  performance that will set the seal on generations of trans gender icons and shove them back years, the Lady spoofed her way across the stage in the odd shape of Lucy Fur, a name to conjure with.

Displaying a talent where shape, resonance and physical attraction took second standing, Ms Felicia carried a volume of baggage with a multi directional CV bulging from caverns and dungeons of her former venues, but I have to say it is also done with dignity, quality and of course, in the ‘very best of taste’.

Bearing a remarkable family resemblance to an existing member of the professional Company, the jokes are saucy and though not new, it was the way she/he/it told them.

In fact this star role was from the pot of glue which turned this unique theatrical and very enjoyable experience, into something for everyone.

The fresh look brought in by Matt Devitt with Julian Littman on the spoons, was remarkable, and something that deserves our support and appreciation.

Hot Stuff continues until Saturday June 13 with tickets still available from the box office on 01708 443333.


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