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December 4, 2015


Not quite what you may think, but an explanation of why I have been absent from my Blog for a while.

Looking for a new challenge, I hit on the idea after trying to choose a holiday this year. Not a new description of the word, but ‘Travelogue’ is by definition a long description of closing your front door with acres of distracting boxes listing plane times to what to ask a Policeman if lost.Florence  Final essay Dec 2 .indd

As for this particular Florence, she is big, welcoming, loaded with treasures and  still beautiful after  years of being plundered and pillaged.

Bless her, but it has been a physical challenge and a great deal of  fun, particularly being released from the narrow parameters of newspaper reporting. I did not have to make my excuses once or  leave at all.

With the additional enjoyment of some floral descriptions wedged into meeting a new country with a girl’s name head on and mixing with the loveable…

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