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May 27, 2017

Diana, Princess of Wales – subject of Dave and Nick’s tribute. Diana, an Ordinary Girl


Two Essex songwriters have completed a journey started two decades ago and published a song they wrote about a Princess and her tragic life.

Diana, an Ordinary Girl got  its first outing on You-Tube the last week of May, the 20th anniversary of  Diana, Princess of Wales’ death.

Written by the Hornchurch  team of Dave Ross and Nick Dawson and fulfilling a personal promise they made to the memory of the People’s Princess.

Dave Ross

Diana made a remarkable impact on everyone during her short life, moving the two songwriters to create their own special tribute to her.

Nick Dawson

The song was outside Dave and Nick’s usual remit,  writing instead a decade of memorable and outstanding shows for the Queens Theatre, Hornchurch Community Musicals; creating a legend in their own right by adding a remarkable new leaf to the professional theatre in Billet Lane.

As with the People’s Princess, they added the People’s Community Theatre and brought a glittering period of entertainment that slotted in perfectly alongside the parameters of professional theatre. The result was outstanding in the excellence and pure enthusiasm of more than 70 local people of all ages who were given the treasured gift of performing on stage,  something they all took with both hands and feet.

Gemma Salter, the original Bubbles and later to star in Made in Dagenham at the Adelphi Theatre in London’s west end

This song for Diana is the latest of Dave and Nick’s remarkable additions to the exciting ambience that became Hornchurch and the Community Company. It reflects and emphasises the spirit that existed a decade ago when Queens Theatre became a venue for the fulfilment of the hopes and aspirations of appearing on stage that spilled over with fun and laughter.

Though Dave is now retired, Nick is extending his musical career and now a prestigious conductor of the west end smash, Mamma Mia, they are still both active in the community as shown by their latest work.

Looking back at  those times is a journey of happy memories and remarkable bonding of such a diverse group. In the time they were all together, there was nothing they could not do or achieve, and a look at the shows, Bubbles in the Air, Up the River Down the Road and the Good Intent to name but three of the many, revealed the pure quality achieved and the pride cemented in each individual.http://Diana an ordinary girl

The shows filled the stage with amateur actors and the auditoriums with patrons who created an atmosphere not seen before or performed with such excellence and  imagination since.

There were many young people who developed into excellent actors, one such who went onto to a west end career on stage is Gemma Salter.

Double page feature of the Queens Community Company’s Bubbles in the Air

Bubbles in the Air launched her professional career and she later took the west end theatrical world by storm in Made In Dagenham, playing alongside and standing in for Bond Girl, Gemma Arterton in the Ford inspired musical. It achieved its West End and world premiere at the Adelphi Theatre in 2014.

Gemma is now much in theatrical demand and playing theatres across the UK.

The story of the Queens Theatre and the Community Company is one to enjoy. It brought magic to the theatre in Billet Lane, Hornchurch and the memories not only linger on, but remain as a constant reminder what enthusiasm, talent and unbridled joy can bring.


















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