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April 2, 2018


Many faces of Milan-2I have been on my travels again. Two weeks in Italy and four months sorting out the photographs and writing a full colour A4 Travelogue on Milan to join the previous publication on the Medici inspired city of Florence.


The aim is at make  tourism more of a pleasure instead of a daily slog finding the sights with only a few minutes to enjoy them before getting back on the bus.


Add to that a journalist’s reporting skills describing the history behind the facade and a guided tour of the best places without spending hours searching for them.

Two girls caught up in the atmosphere of Cathedrap Piazza

Two girls caught up in the atmosphere of Cathedrap Piazza


Milan was not actually on my list, particularly after Florence and Rome, but a friend passed on the experiences after living in the great northern City as a student.


The focus of the ancient region of Lombardy, The great love and pride of the Milanese for their city glows from every swept street, every polished front door, every gleaming window and the way they share their joy of Milan with visitors.


As a working holiday it was great fun to do and a return to the old newspaper work rate and focus on deadlines and getting it done. The enjoyment level was that of those greats of reportage,  Alan Wicker and Simon Scharma, sharing discoveries of another culture that has shaped a country into a glass window in a historical biography.

On the Roof

On the Roof


The master of the art, Professor Scharma comes from the same part of Essex just down the road near Southend and though I would never claim to be in the same hallowed group, I am a retired photo  journalist let loose from the restrictions of the News Room and thoroughly enjoying what I am doing.


This is the second Travelogue, a full colour A4 booklet covering  my travels in Italy.


Unlike the standard tourist guide where everything is listed in a bulging and weighty volume, this is an easily rolled 48pages that doubles as a handy fly swotting device or fan with a cooling air flow distributing refreshing waves of air.


However, its greatest value is in guidance to the best sights and extended hours in doing what tourists do, enjoying the sights and sounds of a City and making for a memorable holiday. The Travelogue has landed and now available by email to for £10 including p&p. 











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