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April 23, 2018

Milan cathedral at sunset 

The fun of travelling to a city for the first time does not get better than this

By way of a change, this blog is to mention my latest Travelogue on the exciting City of Milan. I visited it in October 2017 apprehensive in the thought of spending time in the  Industrial capital of Lombardy after a similar researching type visit to Florence.

After a number of holidays spent in the magical centre of Renaissance Italy, I was ready with camera and notebook to report on my favourite adding all the bits and pieces I had found that would enrich a first time visit.

The result is now available and I produce a few of the 48 pages from The lure and Lurex of Milano. A title to open the eyes

Milan front

A front page to catch the eye but you should see what is on the other 48 pages

I have travelled to many Italian cities in the past and never been disappointed. Possibly because of my admiration for the culture, the fun loving people and the way they live through each day never thinking of tomorrow, or should I say not appearing to.

Domani is perhaps the most used word in the language and in constant use where ever you go.

As I have said, this was my first visit to the City and though unique in its own right, the ambience and flow of the day is almost similar. The only noticeable difference  being between  the north and south where the influence of the Mediterranean weather systems add a few degrees and the need to divest a few garments. Wooly jumpers are not always needed in Naples, though very useful in Milan.MILAN PAGE3

The Travelogue is £10 including p&p as a special promotional offer through my website.

It certainly is a useful travelling companion and saves hours in searching for something that is highly visible in these pages with directions how to get there.

I hope you enjoy it, Application is via my email, or by calling 01708725979.

Milan Rush hour



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