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March 25, 2014


Milly and the Minotaur (credit Mark Sepple) wTHERE’S a man with the head of a bull appearing in Hornchurch in a couple of weeks, though he may be incognito and wearing shades.

You could say it is all Greek, but this Easter Minotaur is a good egg and people friendly and setting off on tour to win new friends as well as a career in theatre.

It could only be at the Queen’s Theatre in Billet Lane of course, and this is for the youngsters. (picture above by Mark Sepple)

Milly and the Minotaur is the London premier of the specially written musical play by Phillip Michell, and designed for youngsters from six to 11, though mums and dads can go as well.

Featuring the theatre’s professional Cut to the Chase Company, the show under the banner of Queen’s Theatre for Young Minds, runs from Tuesday April 15 to Thursday April 17.

It is a magical story of nine year old Milly, ill and in hospital, but with a Granny to die for.

The elderly relative has an eye for the doctor and a good ear for her granddaughter.

This particular hospital is old and scary, especially at night when our heroine goes roaming on a voyage of discovery through the labyrinth of corridors.

As in all good stories, the going has to get tough, but this is no pantomime and fairy Gran is replaced by Milly’s secret friend – the Minotaur. Eat your heart out King Rat!

The story is one of courage, hope and friendship that comes alive with plenty of song, dance and colourful costumes, plus some original music.

Featuring Gillian Cally, Kenny Davies, Sam Ward-Smith and Kerry Gooderson, the production is directed by Patrick O’Sullivan and designed by Rodney Ford.

The bonus is some brilliant Minotaur music from Havering teacher, Andrew Linham and choreographed by Matt Dunphy.

Another first was the company launching the first UK tour in London’s east end with more than 2,000 youngsters in Havering primary schools already in on the secret.

minotaurJust in case you wanted to know, the Minotaur was the stuff of Greek legends with the head of a bull and body of man.

He lived in the Cretan Labyrinth designed by architect Daedalus and his son Icarus on the command of King Minos of Crete.

So now you know. Tickets at £6.50 with details of the show times from the box office on 01708 443333.

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