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May 1, 2015
Lady Felicia

Lady Felicia

In terms of vintage ‘rockers’ two of the best in the business are in Hornchurch and have just put together a show that will live in the memory.

Matt Devitt and Julian Littman, Associate and Musical directors respectively at the Queen’s Theatre and the power house behind the next production ‘Hot Stuff’ at the Billet Lane venue later this month.

Matt was the original ‘Cookie’ in Bob Carlton’s Return to the Forbidden Planet, currently on a UK tour and Julian is a member of the iconic Steeleye Span band. Put these two together and the sparks will certainly fly.

The last time these two graced the Queen’s stage was in a remarkably clever adaptation of Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors, when it took a good six months to get the bricks and mortar to stop shaking.

Matt Devitt, actor, musician and top director

Matt Devitt, actor, musician and top director

Matt is not only a remarkable musician, but a superb actor and he combines these skills when he directs many of the Queen’s productions.

Julian Littman Musical Director

Julian Littman Musical Director

Julian still appears with Steeleye Span as well as his own group and Charlie Dore.

Hot Stuff is made for them and features the Cut to the Chase Company at their best.

The star is a very old rocker, Lady Felicia, well known round the maritime haunts of most ports and famed for her singing voice and the ability to reduce anything to its lowest common denominator, Lady Felicia as Lucy Fur, brings out all the varieties of Pink Punk.

Teaming up with Matthew Quinn as Joe Soap, the dynamic duo take the audience through a night of drama and song from ABBA to the Sex Pistols, and Stevie Wonder to Barbara Streisand.

2015-04-30 23.56.07Matthew will be remembered as Frank ‘n’ Furter from the Rocky Horror Show at Hornchurch not that long ago, also joining them will be Sarah Mahony and Al Twist as well as eight new faces in the Company.

The last production of the season, the professionals obviously intend to make their mark with show that will fill the seats. A new Artistic Director is being sought and with this show as a starting block, the future looks very bright for our theatre.

The show begins on Friday May 22 and runs until June 13. Tickets available from the box office at  £12.50 – £26.50. Call 01708 443333 or book online at

Production picture by Mark Sepple




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